The Instagram app on the iPhone 4

10 Apr
I’ve been playing around with  a new app on my iPhone 4. It’s called INSTAGRAM.  It’s loads of fun. You take pics with the phone/app camera and apply effects to them. There are 14 different effects to choose from, and you can layer the effects as well. They’ve just added a Tilt-Shift option that lets you blur out selected parts of your picture. 

Instagram is not just a photography app, it’s a kind of social app as well.  It can be linked up to your Facebook and Twitter, so anyone on your friends list who use the Instagram app will show up and you can choose to follow them on Instagram as well. So any pictures they’ve created will show up in your feed and you can comment on  and like them.


Also, browsing through popular photos on Instagram is great. It let’s you see what others are doing with their photos. Gives you lots of ideas!


Another cool thing on Instagram is that you can tag your photos to your location. This lets others see where the photo was taken, it even opens up in the GPS app on the iPhone and a satellite view of the spot can be seen!


These are some photos I’ve taken with the app. YES I love taking pictures of my little Boston Terrier Kitzi!! She’s so photogenic.  🙂

Kitzi snuggled on the sofa.

Instagram Kitzi

Instagram Kitty

Kitty playing in a box. Pic taken with the Instagram app on the iPhone 4.

Instagram Whole Foods produce.

Wet Kitzi Instagram.

Wet Kitzi Instagram.

Instagram Creme Brulee

Instagram Creme Brulee



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